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Andertons General Enquiries and Customer Service Contact Nmber 0148 345 6777

Andertons general enquiries and customer service contact number is 0148 345 6777 and this phone number is available from 9:30AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Saturday and from 11:00AM to 5:00PM, Sundays. You can make a call to this Andertons customer service phone number to get help or make questions related to their music shop. You can get instant information about the musical instruments they offer, such as their price, availability and characteristics. If you want to enquiry about their shipment, you can also call to them to know if you can receive a free shipment service. If you want to track your shipment you might want to create an account on their website.

In case you want to reserve your item and collect it at their store, you can also contact Andertons using this phone number.

If your musical instruments need a repair, or if you want to make customizations to them, then you can make a call to this number to get in touch with their in-shop luthier who will talk to you about the details of the repairs or customization. The repairs and changes done to your instruments will be done in Andertons’ music shop except for refinishing work that will be done in an off-site paint shop. You can drop your instrument in their shop any day of the week.

You can also call to this phone number if you want to make a complaint. If you want to file a reimbursement or apply for a warranty due to a broken or defective instrument, then you might want to use the fax number listed below.

You can get more information about their services online in this faq section of their website.

Andertons General Enquiries Fax Number 0148 345 6722

Andertons general enquiries fax number is 0148 345 6722 and you can use this fax number to write them for help, or if you want to send them any legal documents.

Contact Andertons Customer Service via Email

Andertons Customer Service email is and you can use this email to instantly get in touch with an Andertons representative who will help you with your enquiries. You can write to them if you wish to know if they have a certain musical instrument you want to buy and get information about their prices. You can also write to this email asking if they can make a certain  repair or make customizations to your musical instrument, Andertons has an in-store luthier who will receive your instruments and repair them right on the store, or if you wish to make refinishing work, then it will be done in an off-site paint shop.. You can also get information on deals up on their store or write a complaint. You can also call to the phone number listed above or write to them using this contact form.

Contact Andertons Headquarter

58-59 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4RF

Andertons Music Company, St Vincent House,
58-59 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4RF

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